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continue to thrive and live a full life with diabetes! 


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When it comes to your pet, ensuring their health and wellness is not up for debate. 


And when it comes to their diabetes, not all vets are as well informed as possible. This in no way means your vet is bad. Canine Diabetes is a new lifestyle for you and your pup. For some more drastically than others. The routine is every day for the rest of their life. There are no breaks. Your vet doesn’t live with you (unless you happen to live with a vet), and they only have a small glimpse into your pups' behaviors, habits, and eccentricities.


It is important that you and your vet/professional work together to determine what will work best. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 


Knowing what questions to ask

is a great way to start,



Every dog deals with diabetes differently.

Be sure to consult informed individuals who know your dog's specific history before making any changes to their diabetic routine. 


There are exceptions to every rule, and your dog may have underlying health conditions that can impact diabetes treatment. If you are told by your vet information that deviates from the standard procedure. Ask why? If no specific information is given, consider getting a second opinion.

Canine Diabetes 

TYPE 1 is 


Diabetes mellitus, "Sugar diabetes," occurs when the body is not able to produce enough insulin. Insulin is necessary to tell the cells in the body to take the glucose and nutrients out of the bloodstream and use it as fuel. 

If left untreated or treated improperly, diabetes will lead to severe health complications, including eye, kidney, nerve, and tissue damage...and worse.


Type 1 is insulin-dependent diabetes. 


Insulin MUST be given by injection under the skin to be effective in reducing blood glucose (BG).  


overwhelmed and emotional is natural and understandable. 

Drawing by Dave Reed